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  • How to extend AvalonEdit.TextArea to support active WikiLinks

    Hi, we love AvalonEdit and use it extensively in our project. We customized the syntax highlighting quite a bit and managed to highlight error-lines. Now we want to extend the TextArea-class with the following features: 1. Hyperlinks (e.g. "") are automatically turned into link...
    Posted to Forum by pixtur on 02-08-2013
  • Using VRulerRows in AvalonEdit

    I was reusing the ICSharpCode.TextEditor but I wanted to move to the newer better AvalonEdit. So now I am trying to use the AvalonEdit control and was wondering where the rulers went? I've looked all over and can't find a sample of them or even a reference to them. It used to be TextEditor.VRulerRows...
    Posted to Forum by padillah on 10-21-2011
  • Missing something please help -(what file is it looking for?)

    Can anyone help. All my code was working. I think this error is a simple wrong path type error. but i didnt change anything. I copied a backup over my the code (a backup that I know was working) but I get this same error. I am so frustrated! what does this error mean? Did I move a file by mistake? Now...
    Posted to Forum by Fleanbilly on 09-22-2011
  • Using the AvalonEdit control with infinite width and height (because of binding to enclosing control) causes an exception

    The exception is due something like the following (unfortunately, power outages happen): An attempt to set the size to Infinity must return a real size limit. This was inside a user control Something like the following will not work: <UserControl .......> <StackPanel x:Name="something"...
    Posted to Forum by Allen Marshall on 05-26-2011
  • Advice request about developing a javascript editor/debugger

    Hi and congratulations for your great software! I'm working on a voice application that uses javascript user functions to customize some behaviours, and I started using the WPF AvalonEdit control together with Jint javascript interpreter to write and evaluate simple scripts; my boss was impressed...
    Posted to Forum by marcosabba on 07-16-2010
  • AvalonEdit.TextView.Redraw: bug?

    Hi, I have faced a problem that seems to be a bug in AvalonEdit implementation. I would like to share it with you and hopefully get fix or advice if I am doing something wrong. I have an event handler that reacts to caret position changing and together with other flags triggers extra line parsing. As...
    Posted to Forum by pavele on 06-29-2010
  • AvalonEdit: Scroll Bars

    Hi, I just downloaded and built the AvalonEdit control, I was just wondering if you can remove the scroll bars from the control? I only need a small text area but with syntax highlighting and code completion. Is it also possible to bind to the text property so I can use this control in a MVVM code layout...
    Posted to Forum by NathanW on 02-28-2010
  • ICsharpcode.Texteditor: Folding, Code Completion.

    I'm just new here and using ICSharpcode.texteditor.dll, and I used it for the development of a java,php,c++ editor all in one. can someone give a sample of this ones or done anyone have a documentation on how to use it. I'm quite confused in the sample in sharpdevelop. Someone help me. Please...
    Posted to Forum by xpinvader2 on 12-08-2009
  • Bracket Matching in AvalonEdit?

    I've searched the source code and I can't seem to find any mention of this anywhere, would I be right in assuming that it hasn't been implemented yet or am I missing something?
    Posted to Forum by WWakerFAN on 11-03-2009
  • Negative integer highlighting?

    Hi again! Negative numbers does not seem to be highlighted in the TextEditor. Is there some special syntax for this in the XSHD-file to get that to work? Thanks in advance. BTW - is there some place to post my LISP.xshd file to contribute back to this community?
    Posted to Forum by objarni on 09-17-2009
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