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  • Extracting to blank 0 kB file

    Hi friends, I am having a problem in unzipping a file, its extracting as 0 KB doc file, eventhough zipfile has valid document file.When I observed the process its creating a blank .doc file and failing to read from zip file or write into .doc file. I am using ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll(Version 0.85...
    Posted to Forum by Devaraja on 10-27-2009
  • rename the path saved in zip file

    Hi! at all. First af all, sorry for my bad english. When I open my file zipped with win zip or another program like izark, appear the folder bar the following tree c:\dirtemp.. SomeOne know if's possible to rename the dirtemp in other name for example dirName.... Let me know Thanks .. Luka
    Posted to Forum by luka on 09-23-2009
  • issue with ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib for .net 2.0 framework

    Hi, We have migrated .Net 1.1 to .Net 2.0 windows application developed in C# . The .Net 1.1 application uses ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib of version . It compiles successfully. But while running the migrated 2.0 application with latest version of ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib gives the error...
    Posted to Forum by Anil Kumar on 09-03-2009
  • Using of INameTransform

    Hello I'm a newbie in using sharpziplib and I'm experimenting now a little if I can use this library for further tasks in our project. I can already create and extract a zip file with the FastZip-class. For my purpose I should be able to rename some files/directories when creating the zip. And...
    Posted to Forum by Andy74 on 07-14-2009
  • Password Protecting an existing Zip file

    Hi all, I am new to using SharpZipLib, but I'm trying to accomplish the following task: In my WindowsMobile c# project, I wish to take a file that is NOT password protected, and convert it to a protected one (without modifying the old one). Visual Studio has a nice feature called "Custom...
    Posted to Forum by keless on 04-04-2009
  • OLD PKZip compatibility

    Hihi ;) I am currently working with a company whos software uses a VERY old (like 14 years or so) pkzip library to compress data streams and combine them into concurrent records in a proprietary files. I was wondering if #ZipLib would be capable of decompressing a bytestream that is compressed in pkzip...
    Posted to Forum by Shukaido on 02-18-2009
  • Bug with Unicode-Char in Filename?

    I've found a filename in an existing .zip Archiv with unicode-char (Ü HTML: Ü) in filename resulted in an inreadable char (looks like a small checkbox). the follwing line of (VB) code returned the correct filename: System.Text.Encoding.Default.GetString(System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding(...
    Posted to Forum by RZiller on 02-18-2009
  • Re: How to create zip file from the file contents in bytes from database

    I am wondering how to do the same thing as the original poster is. I know how to do the actual zipping in memory but I do not know how (or if it is possible) to add files, in the form of byte array, to the zip in memory. From what I understand, the process is as follows: Create a ZipOutputStream. Create...
    Posted to Forum by clamum on 11-20-2008
  • Error with TestArchive() Exception during test - 'End of stream'

    I writing an app to test zip files so that we are alerted when a bad zip is sent to our system. I have one zip tha thas a few huge files. It fails to do the testing on this file within the zip file. Exception that is raised when trying to test the archive: Exception during test - 'End of stream'...
    Posted to Forum by gscheek on 10-23-2008
  • Re: How to Zip and Unzip entire folders with nested files/folders.. example C# code

    It looks like I was missing the part that kept everything in folders in the archive. :D Thanks! The only improvements I see are for the BuildList to be renamed and return an array list. public static ArrayList GetFilesToZip( string searchPath, int recursionLevel, ArrayList files) { DirectoryInfo ThisLevel...
    Posted to Forum by ferventcoder on 09-24-2008
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