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  • [ICSharpCode.TextEditor] Get Text from Line

    Hi folks, I have been trying to do something and it's been bugging me for a while, as I cannot seem to be able to get it to work. In short, I have a ListView control and a TextEditor control with some lines of text in it. I'm trying to add a specific line of text from the TextEditor to a ListView...
    Posted to Forum by Sezvek on 12-30-2015
  • Collect the whole Project to one Folder

    Hi there. Atm i develop a relative big solution. This contains 22 different projects. But they are everywhere on my pc. Not the best to share the source. So this is my question. Is it possible to let sharp develop move everything needed for the project (including used/linked ressources) to a single folder...
    Posted to Forum by NeoGriever on 11-20-2015
  • VB.Net supported?

    Hi all, I noticed that SD 5.x is only for C#. I probably missed some obvious statement somewhere but I wonder: 1 . Will VB.Net be supported also in 5.x+? 2. If not included in the latest version - up to which version is VB.Net supported? I would also like to know if 3. SD is suitable for MS Access/ Excel...
    Posted to Forum by RIL on 11-17-2015
  • process.start not working

    Hello All, I'm writing a program to launch an application in using SharpDevelop. I'm getting the ",,, has stopped working" dialog box when I use the process.start("Application Path") If I link to the application shortcut on the desktop using the process.start it works...
    Posted to Forum by salavine1 on 10-07-2014
  • Problem with c++ dll error with strings and char*

    I am trying to load a c++ dll created with SharpDeveloper and haveing it load in a program . I am able to use int ,double functions with no problem. But when it comes to string functions it is another story. I am able to run the c++ code in console mode but when I port it out to a dll evey functions...
    Posted to Forum by Richard677 on 10-04-2014
  • #Develop doesn't compile with Desktop Composition on

    I think that's what it's called, desktop composition. I have an issue open on GitHub that has information regarding this problem. What I find weird is that a solution created in Visual Studio Express compiles fine in #Develop, and the compiled program has desktop composition on. I have looked...
  • Designer fails when using another vb file

    Hi guys, when I need to use another vb file in a existing vb, I do it this way: Dim cmm as commonUtility = new commonUtility where commonUtility.vb is my other vb file This produces, in the designer view, this error: System.ComponentModel.Design.Serialization.CodeDomSerializerException: The variable...
    Posted to Forum by komla1999 on 05-17-2014
  • Regarding WPF support for VB in sharpDev 4.4.1

    As far as I can tell from experimenting WPF support for is incomplete. I can use the WPF designer and draw windows and placecontrols on the window, for example a button, but when I click on that button nothing happens. In contrast in a C# context, using the WPF designer I can draw a similar window...
    Posted to Forum by bpech33 on 04-16-2014
  • Splash Screen Form

    I have been searching for a way to "copy" the Visual Studio version of the VB Windows Application "Splash Screen" template. I prefer using SharpDevelop and am in need of the Splash Screen functionality. Is there a way to convert Visual Studio form templates to be usable in SharpDevelop...
    Posted to Forum by marcwebdude on 01-09-2014
  • VB.Net to C# conversion bugs

    Recently I've been using #develop to migrate 30-odd VB.Net projects to C#. Out of all available code converters (free and paid) #develop was by far the best. It was so good that I actually managed to convert and cleanup all the projects in way less time than previously estimated. I've encountered...
    Posted to Forum by gpacnik on 06-24-2013
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