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  • During Minor upgrade execute one custom action after all files replaced in install directory

    Hi, With WIX installer During minor upgrade I want to execute one custom action after all file are replaced in install directory. So, How can I execute the custom action? Thanks & Regards, Ankur
    Posted to Forum by Ankur Jain on 08-19-2015
  • During major upgrade prompt user for version upgrade

    Hi, With WIX installer during major upgrade, How to prompt user with version upgrade message like " The setup has been upgrading from v1.0.0.0 to v2.0.0.0. Do you want to continue ". I explored few links & blogs related to major upgrade but I didn't got solution related to this. Please...
    Posted to Forum by Ankur Jain on 08-19-2015
  • WiX Integration

    Hello, I'm using SharpDevelop in a "portable" installation. Everything is working fine so far. Now I wanted to have the WiX Toolset with me also. But one cannot change the path where the binaries are searched. Or at least I did not find the place. Once you have created a Setup project,...
    Posted to Forum by Henry_Jones on 11-01-2014
  • Wix Localization with SharpDevelop 4.4

    Note: this is a problem encountered while using SharpDevelop along with WiX toolkit. I've prepared a en-us.wxl file like following, <!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?--> <wixlocalization xmlns="" codepage...
    Posted to Forum by bzhang on 02-05-2014
  • Wix UI Beyond Minimal

    I have a solution and have built an installer for it using the WixUI_Minimal library. Everything is OK. Now I want to develop a more advanced installer using WixUI_Advanced. Simply changing WixUI_Minimal to WixUI_Advanced results in two unresolved references: Property:WixAppFolder and Property:ApplicationFolderName...
    Posted to Forum by hamdev on 07-05-2013
  • fail build SD-4.3-Beta1 with buildSetupAndRunTests.bat

    4.3-Beta1 tag from github buildSetupAndRunTests.bat produce following error messages: "D:\Projects\SharpDevelop\src\Automated.proj" (целевой объект по умолчанию) (1) -> (Целевой объект createsetup) -> D:\Projects\SharpDevelop\src\Setup\Setup.wxs(35): error LGHT0204: ICE61: Upgrade.VersionMax...
    Posted to Forum by gtf on 01-12-2013
  • UI Designer for WiX Dialogs removes controls of type="icon"

    Hi, I think I found a quite annoying bug, as stated in the title, sharpdevelop removes controls of type="icon". Steps to reproduce: Create a new Setup dialog. Add a control of type "icon" e.g. < Control Id = "ErrorIcon" Hidden = " yes " Type = " Icon "...
    Posted to Forum by sharpnick on 09-04-2012
  • HEAT5305 caused by project reference to a .wixlib project

    I've been using #develop to make Wix projects and I've come across something strange. I'm not sure whether it's a problem with Wix, with #develop, or just with my understanding of Wix. To set the scene, imagine I've written some business logic (I usually use C# but I imagine it's...
    Posted to Forum by sbridewell on 10-04-2011
  • Crash when building wix setup buildSetupAndRunTests on build

    I download the latest 4.0 project source and after extracting I run releasebuild.bat, then I run buildSetupAndRunTests.bat But I get this problem below: MSBuild.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. "C:\SharpDevSource\src\Automated.proj" (d efault target...
    Posted to Forum by Richard01 on 11-10-2010
  • Error closing file

    SharpDevelop Version : .NET Version : 2.0.50727.4927 OS Version : Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600.0 Current culture : Thai (Thailand) (th-TH) Current UI language : en-US Working Set Memory : 52092kb GC Heap Memory : 15009kb Exception thrown: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not...
    Posted to Forum by ThaiGIS on 12-12-2009
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