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  • help read data pulse oximeter CMS50D

    Hello people, I need help: how to read data from a CMS50D+ pulse oximeter in C#? for build a graph in real time. where I can see an example? someone can help me? Thanks
    Posted to Forum by ordepdragon on 07-07-2016
  • Power toggle?

    I'm guessing you've had this come up many times before, but a quick search in this forum for "power" returned no results for me, so I just decided to ask. Is this library, .NET, or even raw Widows API messaging capable of toggling the power to a USB port, and if so, can any direction...
    Posted to Forum by lancemay on 03-08-2010
  • SharpUSBLib & iPhone

    Hi, Has anyone ever used this library with the iPhone? Regards Sanà
    Posted to Forum by somanaika on 12-02-2009
  • ICSharpCode.USBlib.Device::BulkRead(int endpoint, byte[] bytes);

    Hi All! Please help, how to read data from usb device. I try to use the usblib on WindowsXP SP3 system. I have installed the LibUSB-Win32 before. I can get all usb devices which exist in my WinXP but I can't read any data from USB device. I use following C# code: class Program { static void Main...
    Posted to Forum by Askold on 01-11-2009
  • LibUSBDotNet

    Hello, I am conveerting my program from using WinUSB to Libusb because of the cross platform support. I have everything working for communication, thanks to another thread on here. I still dont know what some of the options in the info area of the UsbDevice are, and the documentation doesnt show much...
    Posted to Forum by NVergunst on 08-29-2008
  • LibUsbDotNet Write error

    Hello, I'm trying to write a Byte to the USB port but I keep getting the error -22 which is: The operation is invalid given the current state of the device. Can someone help me solving this problem because I have no idea how to solve it. PS: I can read but not write data. Thanks in advance. .../...
    Posted to Forum by TimW on 07-09-2008
  • Re: How to communicate with an usb device when I have identified it?

    Dear I got the same problem and have no way infact quit stumped here so plz if you got the answer then plz reply it to me. I will be thankful to you.
    Posted to Forum by Muhammad Kamran on 06-07-2007
  • Get Configuration

    I'm trying to get the device configuration via the libUSB C# library and I keep getting memory access violations. Any one know how to do this?
    Posted to Forum by trobinson on 03-26-2007
  • Re: can't get bulkRead to work

    I have VS2005 and I installed SharpUSBLib, Can you help with a simple code to receive and transmit bytes to a microcontroller device? any help is appreciated
    Posted to Forum by amal on 01-12-2007
  • Re: missile launcher code

    I have the same issue, the SendControlMessage does not appear to work at-all or it just re-sends the last command from the windows application, if anyone can help I would appreciated it! FYI - Here are the controll codes to make the missile launcher fire as captured by Snoopy 520 out down 0x00 2506.143...
    Posted to Forum by timberwolf0122 on 12-28-2006
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