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  • SharpZipLib unzip with url

    We are unzipping a .zip file using Server.MapFile(SomeZipFile), pulling out a .pdf and displying it in the webpage on our main website. byte [ pdfBytes; if (r[1].ToString() != "") { ZipFile f = new ZipFile(Server.MapPath("/PDMA/"); ZipEntry ze = f.GetEntry(somepdf.pdf...
    Posted to Forum by kcbrown74 on 03-30-2017
  • another Compressed size mismatch between central header(nnn) and local header (0) exception

    All: Using v0.86.0.518 in a C# .Net4 project. Trying to unzip a couple of different files throws the exception in the subject on the line: Stream zipStream = zf.GetInputStream(entry); I saw that this was apparently a problem in some cases but appears to have been fixed prior to this version of the lib...
    Posted to Forum by aweber1nj on 01-22-2016
  • Crc32 is broken

    Hi Task: I want to create zip archives on the fly containing a certain number of Excel files. Excel files are created from the database also on the fly. Problem: I get an error when trying to unzip the resulting archive "Archive is damaged or has the wrong format". In archive i see that Crc32...
    Posted to Forum by bitblock on 01-12-2016
  • Whats wrong with this zip File-> GetError: Wrong Local header signature: 0x140033

    Hi i create a test project u can find it : under SharpLibZipTest\bin\Debug is a zip file ("") if i read the zip entries the first time i have no problems but if i modify the zip file with sharplib i get an exception if i...
    Posted to Forum by Nahasapeemapetilon on 02-13-2015
  • Problem reading large files - Header checksum is invalid

    Hi all, I am trying to work with large files and while trying to extract information, I get the following: Source: ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Tar.TarInputStream Method: ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Tar.TarEntry GetNextEntry() Message: Header checksum is invalid Additional info: Error occurred importing feed...
    Posted to Forum by Kashif Devani on 12-15-2014
  • Wrong Local header signature on PHP created zip file

    Hi Forumianers... In a Linux machine I create a ZIP-file including Photos. Than on a partners machine sharpziplib tries to extract it but allways gets error "Wrong Local header signature". If I extract the zip-file with 7Zip, there is no problem at all... Does anybody have an idea what could...
    Posted to Forum by AceLine on 10-13-2014
  • multiple-parts

    Does Sharpziplib support extracting multi-part splitted zip files?
    Posted to Forum by microwth on 07-16-2014
  • "Wrong Local header signature" when trying to unzip splitted zip file

    When I unzip a single zipped archive everything goes well But when I try unzipping an archive which is split into parts (i.e>myfile.z01=>myfile.z02) I get a "Wrong Local header signature: 0x....". the moment " while ((zipentry = zipstream. GetNextEntry ()) != null )"...
    Posted to Forum by microwth on 07-14-2014
  • Re: FastZip.ExtractZip hangs and fills the hard disk to maximum

    Hello, We have upgraded to 0.86.0 and call to ExtractZip still results in hang. We already(looks like) know that something has gone wrong while zipping and opening in Winzip shows error message. Error: Invalid compressed data to expand (inflate) the file It could be better, if an exception is thrown...
    Posted to Forum by vinaya22 on 11-19-2013
  • Use ZipFile to decompress a largefile throw wrong local header

    I had a large zip file (the filesize>4GB),when use zipFile class to extract a file ,the code throw a exception "wrong local header" using (ZipFile zf = new ZipFile(path)) { foreach (ZipEntry ze in zf) { if (ze.IsFile) { MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(); using (Stream zis = zf.GetInputStream...
    Posted to Forum by airwolf2026 on 11-18-2013
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