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  • The Compressed(Zipped) folder is invalid or corrupted error on Windows XP

    I developed a Multiple Downloads Webpart in SharePoint which enables users to select multiple documents to download and save them as Zip files. I used ICSharpCode.Sharpzip.Lib.dll to accomplish this. The download works fine but while trying to unzip the files, some users get the following error message...
    Posted to Forum by Vamshi10 on 10-22-2010
  • Zero length files in zip archive

    This is just informational. I am using SharpZipLib to create zip archives, sometimes these archives contain zero length files. The users found that WinZip refused to expand these files although WinRAR handled them OK as did SharpZipLib in expand mode. After comparing archives created with SharpZipLib...
    Posted to Forum by Keith Richardson on 10-07-2010
  • Problems after implementing IStaticDataSource

    Every since i started using IStaticDataSource, i now get failed unit tests on my CI server with the following type of errors: Failed to copy bytes expected 25888 read 1125 The odd part is, i cannot reproduce this error locally on the Unit test, it only fails when its running on the CI server. Before...
    Posted to Forum by keith on 09-17-2010
  • How do i add a byte[] file directly to an existing archive?

    I have not had much luck at all with ZipOutputStream, so i had been using ZipFile.AddFile for quite a while to add files. This process works quit well, but i really want the ability to add files directly from memory. What i mean is that i create an xml file in code, serialize it to a byte[ array, then...
    Posted to Forum by keith on 09-12-2010
  • End of stream

    Hi team, I am downloading the zip file from the site as stream and passing to the below method. Unzip(new MemoryStream(ed.DownloadData(""))); I am encountering "End of stream Error" in the Zip file calss. The zip file is good i.e not corrupted...
    Posted to Forum by satish_dsk on 07-29-2010
  • Library cannot extract this entry. Version required is XXX. Possible Fix

    Hi, I get this kind of error trying to decompress some ZIP files, and doing a deep research found this: extracting from pkware zip app note: "J. Explanation of fields: version made by (2 bytes) The upper byte indicates the compatibility of...
    Posted to Forum by llawarta on 06-29-2010
  • Problem on deleting a file from a zip

    Hi, First of all, I'm sorry for my bad english :p I have a problem when I try to delete a file from a zip (that is not created by SharpZipLib). Here is my code : public void Zip(string SrcFile, string DstFile, string Character) { string path = SrcFile + @"\" + Character + @"\"...
    Posted to Forum by Lasuria on 06-11-2010
  • TAR creation changing file extensions of files with long paths

    Hi, I'm creating a TAR archive of a fairly deep directory structure and am finding that for the long file names added to the TAR, the file extension is being truncated from '.js' to '.j' It seems to occur only when the total path length >= 100 characters. I can't reduce the...
    Posted to Forum by glappin on 06-03-2010
  • WinZip - Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive.

    Hi, I try to add uploaded files (HttpPostedFile) to a zip file then put into a MailMessage Attachment. I used ZipOutputStream and MemoryStream... works all fine until I try to open the zipped attachment. WinZip throw a error - Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive. My code as below...
    Posted to Forum by wing on 04-30-2010
  • License from PKWARE needed or not for commercial closed source product using SharpZipLib?

    Hello, I realize the #csharpziplib may be used in a commercial closed-source project, as long the the source is not used and one links to just the .dll. But I have heard that one needs a license from PKWARE to use the zip alogrithm. This question was asked before here:
    Posted to Forum by Revtim on 04-14-2010
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