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  • prevent closure of All console Application like in VS

    Hi, i'm trying to migrate my entire school to work with sharpdevelop instead of VS2010+. but there's one feature which console application developement students need which SD lacks. i'm talking about having the console stay open after running a build from withing SD. i know i could just tell...
    Posted to Forum by Ariel Hepner on 09-13-2017
  • Custom designer in WPF

    Hi, I'm considering embedding #develop's WPF editor into an application, and would like to enable the users to design sheets (no problem up to that point) with standard or custom components, but also some kind of list of items that could be populated interactively from the designer. Eg, a small...
    Posted to Forum by pocky6 on 07-05-2016
  • Need help for finding Main Form of #D Interface

    Hi, I was going to theme SharpDevelop for my own personal use (just for fun! :D) to be more like VS2013 with some components (like custom forms, custom toolbars, custom sidebars, etc.) but I can't find the instance of System.Windows.Forms.Form for the main window! Also, I don't know (can't...
    Posted to Forum by hadi77 on 08-31-2015
  • Question on the namespace checker in NRefactory

    Sorry if this post is in the wrong spot, didn't see any other obvious spots for it. I'm using MonoDevelop to throw together an MVC application, and it pulls in NRefactory as a dependency. It seems, though, that when using a namespace, it's only checking the top level against the file path...
    Posted to Forum by ThreeToes on 12-07-2013
  • Creating a ParseProjectContent instance

    Hi, I'm using a couple of ISharpDevelop libraries for my Web based editor. Right now I'm working on adding references to a project so that Intellisense works properly for external references. I managed to add assembly references like this: var referencedContent = _projectContentRegistry . GetProjectContentForReference...
    Posted to Forum by ulu on 06-11-2013
  • CodeCompletion doesn't work right with conditional operator (?:)

    When I write next code: list. Find (l => l.Name = l.Name ? l CodeCompletion doesn't find my variable "l", see picture bellow I use SharpDevelop 5.
    Posted to Forum by bobandrew on 05-22-2013
  • Adding a reference to a DefaultProject

    Dearest All, I'm using ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop libraries for my project. I'm trying to figure out how to construct an instance of DefaultProject so that it has all necessary references. So, I need something like projectContent.AddReferencedContent(_projectContentRegistry.GetProjectContentForReference...
    Posted to Forum by ulu on 03-24-2013
  • create addin for icsharpcode.core.demo

    hi I wanted to create a mini IDE based on icsharpcode.core.demo sample I want to use addins from sharpdevelop avalon,debugger,form designer... I wanted now to understand how to create a new add in for this sample. I am working with sharpdevelop 4.2 code but my problem is that all samples code is from...
    Posted to Forum by salihovic on 03-11-2013
  • How can I get expressionResult and resolveResult for ProvideInsight() method?

    How can I get expressionResult and resolveResult for ProvideInsight method? IInsightWindow insightWindow = this.ShowInsightWindow(new MethodInsightProvider().ProvideInsight(expressionResult, resolveResult));
    Posted to Forum by bobandrew on 02-13-2013
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