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  • SharpDevelop Report can't connect to MS SQLSERVER

    I'm usind #d 4.1.0 7372 under domain. When I started reporting wizard it finds all server under domain. i gived sql user name (sa) and password (pass12) . But when i try to connect sql server it gives an error like this: Login filed for user ''. The user is not associated with a trusted sql...
    Posted to Forum by muratturk44 on 03-30-2011
  • i have some bug/J'ai quelques problème

    Hello every one. I'm so sorry for my bad english but i will try to write something understandable. When i write some code on last version, like: If( codition) { do something } I start to wrtie if i wait 1sec and after that a tooltip is showed by Sharpdevelop like this screenshot(It's not my screenshot...
    Posted to Forum by kirosbr on 03-27-2011
  • Re: SharpDevelop Reports howto

    Hi, i'm using this version of #D SharpDevelop Version : .NET Version : 4.0.30319.1 OS Version : Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Current culture : Spanish (Peru) (es-PE) Working Set Memory : 61724kb an the problem persist maybe i doing something wrong, but when i click...
    Posted to Forum by AmericoES on 01-28-2011
  • Re: SharpDevelop Reports howto

    Dear Peter thanks for the answer i show an image below the problem about the connection but when conect by enterprise manager i can conect using sql Server Management Studio by windows autentication and sql server autentication thanks for all Americo PS: Sorry for my bad english
    Posted to Forum by AmericoES on 01-28-2011
  • SharpDevelop Reports howto

    Dear Peter i'm using sharpdevelop 4, and I have a problem with printing SharpDevelop Reports on DOT Matrix printer, the printing is slow "about 30 to 40 %" increase in time from the old text reports. another problem i have is i can't conecto to SQLServer express edition can u help me...
    Posted to Forum by AmericoES on 01-27-2011
  • Binding in xaml does not reflect on the designer surface

    I tried writing simple element binding in my xaml text view, but the designer surface is not updated. Can somebody tell me why it is so. This is how my xaml text looks like, <Window xmlns="" xmlns:x="
    Posted to Forum by Sudarsan Srinivasan on 12-02-2010
  • Cannot set a linear gradient for a control in wpf designer

    I am not able to set a linear gradient color for any controls in my wpf designer. When I modified the gradient stops, application threw an exception. SharpDevelop Version : .NET Version : 4.0.30319.1 OS Version : Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Current culture : Invariant...
    Posted to Forum by Sudarsan Srinivasan on 11-24-2010
  • Using ICSharpCode.Reports.Core.dll problem

    Hi I have a problem with create report at runtime. I add to the reference ICSharpCode.Reports.Core.dll and system.configuraion.dll but when i bulid the code the copiler throw many error.(don't find PageBilder type or namespace, don't reach the "ICSharpCode.Reports.Core.ReportEngine.CreatePageBuilder...
    Posted to Forum by joysika on 10-21-2010
  • Report Sample in VB.Net

    It took me some time to get reports running with VB.Net. So here I post a working sample for other fan's of vb. 73 de Norbert Imports System Imports System.Xml.XPath Imports System.Xml Imports System.Xml.Schema Imports System.IO Imports System.Data.OleDb Imports System.Data.Common Imports System...
    Posted to Forum by norbert on 07-19-2010
  • Creating sharp reports using Stored procedures

    Hi support, Im creating report in pull data model using stored procedure, and when i select the stored procedure from database, im getting a red mark for the stored procedures saying 'SharpQuerySchemaEnum.ProcedureColumns not supported by SQLNCLI.1' . And even though i select Strd procedure and...
    Posted to Forum by arcali on 06-22-2010
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