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  • ILSpy Debugger Issues

    I am trying to debug few Dlls using ILSpy Debugger but facing following issues:- I am getting this error [ "Threads.CannotStepNoActiveFunction" ] more than frequently. When inspecting variables specialy for Nullable Types tooltip shows wrong values. Example - int? myObject = null; myObject...
    Posted to Forum by Vikas Sharma on 06-23-2017
  • Extra Line When Clearing Options> Coding> Edit Standard Headers In C#

    There is a bug where a blank line is left in the editor when you remove the default header from the Optios> Coding> Edit Standard Headers dialogue. It results in a blank line, followed by the default using namespace; declarations.
    Posted to Forum by develop123 on 09-16-2016
  • Auto-capatalizing abbreviated toolbox control names bug?

    When ever I drop a button from the Toolbox into a Form, and change the name to btnName, then double click it, when it adds the event method in the editor, it adds it as void BtnDownloadClick ( object sender, EventArgs e) instead of btnName. How do I prevent the ide from auto-capatalizing the first letter...
    Posted to Forum by develop123 on 09-04-2016
  • WPF Avalon Edit Make text upper case

    I am using C# WPF with Avalon Edit Text Box. I am trying to make all of the text in the text box uppercase and I get an error with additional message 'No undo group should be open at this point'. I am using the following code: a.Text = a.Text.ToUpper(); where "a" is the AvalonEdit.TextEditor...
    Posted to Forum by WPFHelpPlease on 08-30-2016
  • Metro Modern UI framework Bug/Crash SharpDevelop

    Hello. I'm using the metro ui framework on SharpDevelop and everytime I try to add a MetroTextBox on my Main Form Desing my Sharpdevelop Crashed. Someone can help me ?
    Posted to Forum by Abrahaofv on 04-04-2016
  • Compiled applications do not run on windows 10

    I made an application on a different machine, and copied the source files so I can develop it further on my main computer. However I can't run the compiled .exe, even if I rebuild it on my new one. Creating a new plain Form application also doesn't work, but command based applications do. I also...
    Posted to Forum by Mima on 12-13-2015
  • Wrong central directory signature

    I'm getting an exception unzipping a file ("Wrong Central Directory signature") from the ZipFile class. The exception occurs in the function ReadEntries. I'm constructing the class using a stream... FileStream fs = File.OpenRead(Program.CMSZip); ZipFile zf = new ZipFile(fs); The code...
    Posted to Forum by bobulus on 07-15-2015
  • NRefactory - BUG - Block {}

    Hi everyone, I have found a bug in the NRefactory Demo. public void Main (string[ args) { var d = 0; int[ list = new int[ {0, 1, 2, 3} d = list[0]; } it will stop the MethodDeclaration at int[ list = new int[ {0, 1, 2, 3} instead of finishing at d = list[0]; } I don't know if i have explained what...
    Posted to Forum by Mark Smethwick on 05-25-2015
  • Sharpdevelop 4.4.2, can not step in debugger past Oracle component

    My first attempt to work with SharpDevelop. Used v.4.4.2 (because client machine only has .NET 4) and build a simple C# app that connects to Oracle via Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll v 4.121.2. The program runs ok, the program debugs ok, but I can not step through the application because it halts at the...
    Posted to Forum by pch on 04-22-2015
  • Identifier expected

    HI, I am absolute new to ILSpy, and not so new but still laking on C#, but used ILSpy to decompile into CS from my Toolbox.DLL made by RemObject's Oxygene Pascal Compiler from Toolbx.pas. This decompilation brougth me nice insight into what code is generated. I do so because when I call a function...
    Posted to Forum by stadelma on 04-09-2015
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