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  • Change foreground color of segment

    Hi. I need to change foreground or background color of a segment of text in a ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit.TextEditor. This whitout highlight rules but only with offset and length. The best way?? Thanks in advance.
    Posted to Forum by enigma on 01-03-2017
  • Draw lines in editor

    Hi to all. I want to draw lines for connect start and end of a block (if, for, etc), like VS2015 or Notepad++. I make a service as TextMarkerService used by ErrorPainter. But in that case, it draw a polygon (similar to a vertical line). I have to draw a vertical line. I've calculated start and end...
    Posted to Forum by enigma on 05-24-2016
  • Asynchronous loading project

    Hi to all. I work in a software house in Italy and I extended SharpDevelop to manage our proprietary language. This include support for a custom project type. In some cases we have to load projects with a lot of components. So I added a feature to load project asynchronously. I added a reference to the...
    Posted to Forum by enigma on 01-07-2016
  • Need help for finding Main Form of #D Interface

    Hi, I was going to theme SharpDevelop for my own personal use (just for fun! :D) to be more like VS2013 with some components (like custom forms, custom toolbars, custom sidebars, etc.) but I can't find the instance of System.Windows.Forms.Form for the main window! Also, I don't know (can't...
    Posted to Forum by hadi77 on 08-31-2015
  • Custom File Properties

    I am currently working on a set of bindings that will allow users to create and compile XNA Game projects in SharpDevelop 4.2. While working on the Content Pipeline bindings, I have found a need to be able to add additional properties for files in a project. I have not been able to find an examples of...
    Posted to Forum by clcrutch on 06-09-2013
  • XNA Content Project Compile Issues

    I have been working on bindings and templates for the XNA framework. I've got SharpDevelop to read the XNA content project, but when I attempt to compile it, I get the error "The XNAContentPipelineTargetPlatform property is required to build content." This is a project created by Visual...
    Posted to Forum by clcrutch on 05-09-2013
  • How to make compiler errors show in Errors window?

    Hi, Long story short, I've got a slightly customized version of the most recent boo source code and I'm trying to update the #develop boo language binding to use my version of boo. I'm at the point where I've got it all working and usable, but there's something strange going on with...
    Posted to Forum by Ghost314 on 04-22-2013
  • Fortran and TFS support

    I'm interested in using #develop as a replacement for VS2010 which is, at times, id unusably slow. In order to do this there are two features I need that I can't find: support for Fortran support for TFS (Team Foundation Server source-code control) What is involved in adding these features? I'm...
    Posted to Forum by sgeard on 10-26-2011
  • Navigation to a class

    Hi all, we are developping an addin in order to allow scripting in our application. Tha pad addin has a treeview that represents our "Object/class view". Among other functionalities, the user can add a class represnting a scriptable application object to the current project and can navigate...
    Posted to Forum by joegalaxy66 on 09-07-2011
  • Re: Adding a control programatically in XamlDesigner

    Ok, I guess I have found a solution. I used the PlacementOperation class to add the design item on to the design surface. Is this correct, please reply.
    Posted to Forum by Sudarsan Srinivasan on 03-21-2011
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