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  • Var keyword highlighting

    Hello, I am looking for a way to change a color of the "var" keyword in SharpDevelop 5.0 as I cannot find it as an option in Options/Text Editor/Highlighting. Can somebody help me out with it? Thanks in advance
    Posted to Forum by Gizzy on 12-23-2016
  • Draw lines in editor

    Hi to all. I want to draw lines for connect start and end of a block (if, for, etc), like VS2015 or Notepad++. I make a service as TextMarkerService used by ErrorPainter. But in that case, it draw a polygon (similar to a vertical line). I have to draw a vertical line. I've calculated start and end...
    Posted to Forum by enigma on 05-24-2016
  • AvalonEdit: Is there a way TextSegments can be colored and cursor knows if in one?

    So my goal is the following. Point 1 works but not sure how to handle others make certain text segments uneditable by typing. (this is done by TextSegmentReadOnlySectionProvider) allow the user to delete the whole text segment if right click over the segment make the text segment a certain color All...
    Posted to Forum by gizzywiz on 05-08-2015
  • AvalonEdit: Copy takes forever for large hightlighted text files

    I have loaded a text file (~7 MBytes) into the editor. When I apply syntax highlighting then coping (Control-A and Control-C) the whole text takes forever (without highlighting it's done in a second) When I break into debugger I get the following callstack (shortened): System.Text.RegularExpressions...
    Posted to Forum by Potti on 11-24-2014
  • Highlighting for javascript in a .html file

    I have loaded a dark theme and have most of my highlighting adjusted to my tastes. However if I open a .html file the javascript keywords are all in a solid blue, and I cannot find any setting in the code highlighting config which effects these keywords. The Javascript section seems to apply to pure...
    Posted to Forum by LesF on 08-04-2013
  • AvalonEdit Highlight iff the symbol is at the start of the line.

    Hey there, I am wondering if there is a way to make AvalonEdit highlight something one way if it begins a line, and a different way if it appears in the middle of a line. For example, in InnoSetup, the ; (Semicolon) starts a comment if it appears as the first character of the line, otherwise it is a...
    Posted to Forum by Ztgreve on 12-03-2012
  • TextEditorControl Syntax Highlighting Question

    I'm using ICSharpCode.TextEditor in my own application, and I'm getting along with it pretty well. I have a question about how to do something with the syntax highlighting. I'm writing an .xshd file to do really basic syntax highlighting for .m (MATLAB) code. Mostly, this is working fine...
    Posted to Forum by DanJackson on 02-21-2012
  • fix javascript highlighting in HTML-Mode.xshd

    I'm notice that javascript syntax highlighting not recognize <script type="text/javascript"> please add following span to HTML-Mode.xshd. <Span ruleSet ="JavaScriptSet" multiline ="true" > <Begin color ="JavaScriptTag" > &lt; script\ type...
    Posted to Forum by ThaiGIS on 02-05-2012
  • AvalonEdit - Performance issue

    Hello, I'm using AvalonEdit in a WPF project, and the editor is very slow when I activate the syntax highlighting. For example, when I move the scrollbar with the mouse, and I want to get on bottom of the document, it takes some time. Does anoyone know if there are some tweaks to have best performance...
    Posted to Forum by lasyan3 on 05-26-2011
  • Re: Regions Only, Folding (Collapse, Expand)

    Is this forum dead or what? Surely 'region only' folding is not such an exceptional concept, considering that we are now on the 4th version of SharpDevelop!
    Posted to Forum by Zap on 04-23-2011
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