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  • How to use ctypes in IronPython ?

    Hi all, I am using sharpdevelop version My IronPython version is 2.7.5. I have 2 questions to ask. 1. I can't use ctypes in Sharpdevelop. But i can in IronPython console and even in visual studio(2013). When i type "import ctypes" SharpDevelop shows me an intellisence...
    Posted to Forum by Vinod K Chandran on 07-13-2016
  • Where to find best tutorials of IronPython in Sharp Develop

    Hi, there, I am new to this forum. Thanks for such a nice program. I want to learn IronPython with Sharp Develop. Please suggest me some best tutorials about Ironpython and Sharp develop. Thanks in advance.
    Posted to Forum by Vinod K Chandran on 02-03-2015
  • Simple question accessing widgets

    Simply put, what's the appropriate way to access a widget in a WinForm, with IronPython, in SharpDevelop? I realize I can access them directly via the generated code inside "InitializeComponent(self)", meaning if I wanted to change a TextBox from a Button click I could just use "self...
    Posted to Forum by silmaril8n on 02-03-2013
  • SharpDevelop/IronPython/Word Office - How to choose one instance of Word ?

    Hi, Sorry if I am wrong to post this message. I am doing a program with the library NHunspell with SharpDevelop and I should like know how can I get one instance of Word. Explication: For the moment, the user gives the name and the path of the Word Office 's document. The program runs very well....
    Posted to Forum by openoc on 12-15-2012
  • [RESOLVED] sharpdevelop 4.2 - Problem to add reference (python)

    Hi, I program with Sharpdevelop and I like it. It is a very good job ! My problem : i must to do a program with NHunspell that is the spellchecker Hunspell for .Net. When I work with the interpreter IronPython2.7 (not the python's interpreter in sharpdevelop \Addins\BackendBindings\pythonBindings...
    Posted to Forum by openoc on 12-12-2012
  • IronPython plugin crashes

    After investigation, the problem comes from the official IronPython 2.7.3 binaries from codeplex. Microsoft.Scripting.dll in the zip file does not match with the source of IronPython 2.7.3. Compiling IronPython 2.7.3 yourself works, can produce the correct Microsoft.Scripting.dll.
    Posted to Forum by linquize on 11-25-2012
  • How To Pass Command Line Arguments IronPython

    Hi, I am new to ironpython and sharpdevelop and I am trying to run the following code, from sys import argv script, first, second, third = argv print "The script is called:" , script print "Your first variable is:" , first print "Your second variable is:" , second print...
    Posted to Forum by geeyay1 on 10-16-2012
  • SharePoint development

    I'd like to use IronPython to write some console apps for SharePoint, but I'm having trouble getting the environment setup to build something that can even talk to the SP server. The requirements are that it be targetted for .NET 3.5, and it must be a 64-bit application. Can this be done in SharpDevelop...
    Posted to Forum by silmaril8n on 06-15-2012
  • Compiling an IronPython application w/ References

    Hello - I am writing a program in IronPython that uses uses a dll provided by CQG . Originally, I was using clr.AddReferenceToFileAndPath in my code to reference the dll directly and was running the program from the command line using 'ipy'. Now, I am trying to build the project to...
    Posted to Forum by ravi77o on 06-13-2011
  • Error Messages in IronPython

    I have just started to use SharpDevelop with IronPython. I wish to develop WPF programs in .NET. In general it seems like a good way to go. BUT When I build a program that has a syntax error the ipy window just flashes up very fast and is gone before I can read the error. SharpDevelop says "Build...
    Posted to Forum by venturer on 04-04-2011
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